How to Brighten a Dark Room with Decor

If your home doesn’t have much space or get enough light, there are things you can do to create room and add some life to your dark rooms. Here’s how to lighten your home with decor.

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The way we decorate our home can be directly linked to our mind. Colour psychology shows why people choose certain colours and the moods and feelings various shades can bring out.

Colourful Rugs

Colourful rugs define an area of space in your house. They’re also great for injecting some colour and personality into your home.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, so hanging a lot around your home will get twice as much sunlight. Another plus is you’ll be able to check your hair and make-up everywhere!

Add Metallics

If you like a classy look, then you should incorporate metallic elements to your designs. Not only will they look great, they also reflect sunlight.

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Get a View

If you have trees and plants, then make sure they aren’t blocking a window. One way to do this is to trim a tree down, or you can replace your windows. A different width, height or style will let more sunlight in. In Dublin windows and doors are among the most common things people purchase when it comes to their home. If you’re looking for reputable companies, one is

Let Your Walls Breathe

If you’re an art aficionado, then paintings around your house are a given. However, try leaving dark rooms painting-free or at least choose light pieces of art.

Keep It Light

Moody colours can be great, but if your room is naturally dark, then you need to lighten it with white, neutral and lavender shades.

Shiny Surfaces

Light is reflected off shiny surfaces, so you can use them to your advantage in dark rooms. Try adding reflective coffee tables and translucent furniture to make the most of your space.

Clean Your Windows

Yes, we know it’s pointing out the obvious, but some people don’t bother with their windows. Clean them, get them gleaming and you’ll see more sunlight.

Go for Matte Paint

You might think glossy paint is best for dark rooms, but matte paint will reflect light in every direction and brighten up your room.