4 ways to decorate with metallic tones

Whatever your decorating style, adding those finishing touches makes all the difference. Metallic was one of last year’s top trends, and it’s still in style!

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Metal is a neutral decorating aid that can make a space look more glamorous and sophisticated. A touch of glimmering metal makes a room look welcoming, but there is an art to striking the right balance.


All that glitters, gold still remains a classic metal in home décor. Mix gold objects like light fittings or mirrors with soft textures to balance them out. To bring character to a bland room, add sculptures like gold birds or brass busts. These items are easily found in thrift and antique shops. Light burnished gold looks good against chocolate tones.

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Silver vases and candlesticks are ideal additions to your dining room alongside crystal glassware because they provide clean lines. For a retro look, add silver mirrored bedside tables and lamps to make your bedroom glamourous. This looks elegant with silver wallpaper and carpets.


If you have rustic laminate flooring like https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html, try adding a combination of copper, gold and steel to add that touch of bling to the room. For a casual look, add darker metals to lighter and grey-tone floors.


Brass has been popular for decades, but it now comes in a blackened finish that gives it an elegant feel when mixed with rich brown shades.

Adding metallic objects to your décor will create individuality and add a bit of zing to your home.