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What are the benefits of engineered wood?

If you’re looking for a new floor but a solid wood isn’t really in your budget, then an engineered flooring is exactly what you’re looking for. Not only is this floor the perfect compromise in terms of price but also in the way it is constructed. Engineered wood flooring is made from layers of plywood stuck together and topped with a natural wood layer, which is what gives these floors the exact same look as a real wood. While all wood floors nowadays are sourced from responsible forestries, engineered wood uses plywood as its core. This adds a nice little environmentally conscious aspect to these floors.

Engineered wood takes all of the aesthetic benefit of a solid wood and couples it with better practicality. Unlike real wood, engineered wood is water resistant which means you have a floor that can safely be installed in kitchens for example. Low maintenance is another key feature of this floor, the water resistance for example makes cleaning that bit easier. All that is needed to keep the floor looking good is a simple sweep and the occasional damp mop. However, make sure that any spills are cleaned immediately to avoid potential staining.

Another great benefit to engineered wood is its ability to withstand fluctuations in temperatures. This means these floors are safe for use with underfloor heating, a modern home favourite. It is because of these qualities that means you can install these floors in rooms like conservatories and basements that frequently experience dramatic changes in temperatures.

As previously mentioned, engineered wood uses a top layer of real wood to give it its gorgeous look. As such, engineered wood is available in every shade, species and grade as a solid wood. Popular trends right now, such as the Scandinavian look, lend themselves perfectly to lighter floors such as whitewashes or greys. Darker floors however are great when working with industrial and vintage designs and engineered wood can offer all of these looks. As well as this, all of the finishes you’d find with a solid wood you will also find with engineered products. This gives you a huge range of styles and looks to work with, so finding your perfect one will be easy.

Saving the best until last, engineered wood is very easy to install. Unlike some floors, engineered floors can be seamlessly fitted without much hassle. These floors can be put down by either a floating, glueing or nailing technique. As the industry progresses, we are seeing more and more engineered floors using the easy click system of installation. This is where the planks simply click together using a tongue and groove system. This cuts installation time down when compared to a solid wood, so is something to consider if you are after a quick turnaround time.

So there you have it, just a few of the benefit benefits engineered wood flooring can offer you. Of course the choice is yours, but we are sure you are going to love this floor as much as we do!